ANR Bacteri’Eau : Innovative sensors pour the monitoring of Escherichia coli in water
Klearia is one of the major partners of BACTERI’EAU project funded by ANR. BACTERI’EAU is public-private collaborative project associating two academic teams and two SMEs with expertise and know-how in organic synthesis, electrochemical sensing, surface modifications, microfluidics, microbiology, and an end-users committee. BACTERI’EAU aims at developing a new microfluidic device using an innovative electrochemical sensor for in situ and real time monitoring of bacteriological quality of water. Two sensors will be developed and integrated in the same chip. One will measure total E. coli and the other will target the most clinically relevant pathogenic ones (Shiga toxin-producing E. coli) in a water sample.
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FLAshMoB : FunctionaL Amyloid chimera for Marine Biosensing
Klearia is working on the FlashMob project funded by ANR in the framework of the H2020 Martera program. FLAshMoB will develop small, portable, easy to use, environmentally compatible, robust, and inexpensive sensing platforms to monitor marine contaminants such as heavy metals, aromatic hydrocarbons and algal toxins. Different biosensors will be developed unsing specific chimera proteins endowed with both adhesive properties of a self-assembling moiety and the recognition ability of specific proteins. Another major objective of FLAshMoB will be the design of nanomaterials adapted to the immobilisation or wiring of chimera proteins and which will bring transducing elements to the recognition events of these original proteins.
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