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Do you have an R&D project, the means but neither the skills nor the time?

Klearia has great expertise in the management of R&D and Innovation projects (ANR, H2020). We provide you with our extensive scientific and technical experience (chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, microfluidics and instrumentation). Klearia also has the CIR approval granting you a reduction in Taxes (30%) on the R&D expenses entrusted to us.


Thanks to its team of doctors and multidisciplinary engineers, KLEARIA supports you in bringing your ideas and projects to life by supporting you in various areas:

- Establishment of specifications

- Implementation of one or more strategies

- Budget and definition of resources

- Definition, planning and execution of test campaigns

- Writing of progress reports and documentation for the CIR


Design et fabrication de puces microfluidiques

Are you looking to integrate microfluidics into your applications?

Are you looking to optimize your research and applications by integrating microfluidics into your systems?


Thanks to its strong expertise in microfluidics and its highly qualified foundry, KLEARIA supports you from the design to the manufacture of microfluidic chips allowing their innumerable advantages to be integrated into your systems.


Our experts allow you to set up your microfluidic chips, your mechanical, electrical and optical fluidic interfaces as well as the control of the entire module.

Design and manufacture of microfluidic chips and modules

Multi-layer chip


Our tailor-made services for your applications

KLEARIA offers a complete range of services  by relying on its skills in microfluidics, electrochemistry, custom sensors (electrochemical & optics), instrumentation (mechanics, electronics, software) and industrialization. 

Soutien R&D
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Bibliographic study and research service

Artificial Intelligence Vol 2 Vector_Artificial-Intelligence-Vol-2-Vector.jpg

Do you lack the time or internal resources to carry out a bibliographic study?

Thanks to its broad multidisciplinary expertise in leading scientific and technical projects (electrochemistry, chemistry of polymers & materials, microfluidics and analytical chemistry),

KLEARIA offers to support you in the development of your R&D strategy via its bibliographic study service allowing you to:

- Establish specifications

- Develop research strategies

- Prioritize and filter the proposed strategies

- Set up a study and manipulation plan

- Follow the launch of the project


Custom electrochemical sensors

puce analyse.png

Are you looking to detect and quantify a metal or a small molecule electrochemically?


KLEARIA supports you in the development of your sensors by providing you with a range  large electrode (gold, carbon, platinum, bismuth) with different designs for better sensitivity and targeted use (detection, grafting, functionalization, etc.)


Moreover, by combining the advantages of microfluidics with electrochemistry, our experts allow you to develop miniature electrochemical sensors combining low consumption of reagents with the high sensitivity of the electrochemical pathway.

Capteurs électrochimiques sur mesure

Looking to bring your innovation to life?


KLEARIA supports you, thanks to its experience and its experts in instrumentation & industrialization, in the creation and automation of your instruments according to your needs:

- Mechanical concept

- Electronic design

- Software design

- Creation of an automated, portable and / or online system

Instrumentation and industrialization

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