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The lab-on-a-chip that revolutionises water analyses


Portable ANalyzer for trace metals Detection

Our PANDa analyzer is based on exclusive and patented microfluidics technology - our "Lab-on-a-chip". We can detect trace metals with an extremely low concentration, from as little as 1 ppb.
PANDa is a completely portable system contained in a single case conveived for field use. No technical knowledge is required to obtain results that have the same precision and accuracy as those from a laboratory.

Titre 1

   Key benefits:

Reliability, simplicity, speed

+ Reliability of a laboratory
Minimum error margin +/- 1 ppb

+ Inject & go

No preparation - just 2 minutes to inject the sample

+ Analyse, check, take action!

The result shows after 120 minutes






How does PANDa work?

No specific knowledge or technical skills are needed to use the PANDa. It is a portable plug-and-play system accessible to anyone. Yet, its performance in terms of precision and reliability can be compared to that of a fully equipped laboratory. PANDa is 100% automated, with auto-calibration, analysis and auto-regenration.

1 - Only 40ml of water needed to get a complete result

No specific expertise required - no other products need to be added

2 - Once the analysis is completed the result is automatically shown on the touchscreen


3 - After each analysis the system proceeds to an auto-clean - no need for maintenance

Different packs with cartridges of 100 or 250 analyses are available.




Drinking water

Process water

Natural water

Waste water