Olivier Betton

Water quality manager,

Régie Eau d'Azur

October 2019

How will the use of the PANDa analyser help you in your day to day operations?

“Using PANDa, we will not only be able to simplify, but also to reduce the time needed for the analysis as it can be done locally and in real time”

What is the main advantage of the PANDa analyser for you?

“What is particularly interesting for us with PANDa is the responsiveness we will obtain by getting access to the result in real time

Are there any other factors that you appreciate with the PANDa analyser?

“Using PANDa, once we have reached a certain limit we will decide to renew or not to renew our filters. This way we will be able to make considerable savings

The analyses:

• Groundwater

• 10 boreholes with a production of 360m3 per hour

• One measure per borehole per week for raw water, and another one for treated water

Jean-Yves Le Corre 

Drinking water operator,

February 2020

The advantages of the PANDa analyser:

What is the main advantage of the analyser for you?

Its simplicity of use.”

How does the PANDa analyser make your day-to-day operations easier?

“As the value in arsenic varies for the 10 boreholes, using the PANDa analyser I would immediately know if I am within the norm or not for the distributed water."