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Enhance water quality assessment and monitoring processes with our advanced micfluidics technology.

Develop innovative formulas and galenics,

implement new eco friendly processes, Reduce your costs and lead times.

Harness the power of microfluidics for enhanced energy production, purification, and analysis in various energy sectors.

Optimize drug formulation, vectorization and delivery using our cutting-edge microfluidics systems.

​Benefit from our extensive scientific and technical experience (chemistry, electro-chemistry, polymer chemistry, microfluidics and instrumentation). 


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Solar Impulse label: Efficient solution
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Panda - Portable ANalyzer track for metals Detection - based on a unique patented microfluidics technology for the detection of trace metals in water from 1 µg/L validated on real matrices (bottled water, drinking water, process water, industrial waste).

The PANDa, with a sensitivity similar to laboratory techniques, allows you a rapid analysis, in less than 2.5 hours.

​Thanks to automation, the PANDa can be used by anyone without any need for training and only requires very little maintenance.

Thanks to miniaturization and its design as an all-in-one cartridge, the PANDa has a very low consumption of chemicals (contained in the cartridge) and generates very little waste. This waste is stored in the cartridge and reprocessed by KLEARIA.

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