Klearia conceives and manufactures advanced electrochemical analysers based on exclusively patented  “Lab-on-a-chip” technology.

Our latest innovation is PANDa, a disruptive technology that revolutionises water analysis. The PANDa uses microfluidics to detect trace metals of extremely low concentration in water.


The PANDa metal analyser stands out by its simplicity of use and its ability to provide test results

in real-time in situ:

  • Its portability facilitates local analyses, even in remote places. Everything needed for the water analysis is delivered in a closed system as a  complete kit.


  • With our ability to show results in real-time, our technology enables immediate responsiveness. This reduces the risk of exposure to polluted water. It also allows considerate savings, as material will no longer need to be replaced by precautionary measures.

Our portable Lab-in-Glass technology with exclusive sensors delivers extremely accurate results identical to a conventional laboratory. That is why we refer to the PANDa as a Lab-on-a-chip. Even more so, the PANDa stands out by its reliability in real-life conditions.

We are currently focusing on the assessment of arsenic, with other heavy metals such as chromium and lead to follow. The PANDa will also be able to analyze pesticides, for example glyphosate.


Due to its versatility, the PANDa can be used in numerous industries. Applications include drinking water, natural water, process water or waste water.

PANDa can be used in different sectors, such as mineral waters, drinking water and diverse industries

Industries such as agribusiness, oil, gas and mining, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, automotive, or the construction industry can be confronted with polluted water, where the possibility to obtain results in real-time and in situ can be particularly advantageous.


Klearia’s potential for creating a disruptive technology that makes water analysis speedy, easy and reliable, has been endorsed by numerous official bodies, such as the European Commission, the French Ministry for research and development and industry specialists.


  • No preparation, calibration or maintenance is needed – everything is done automatically. Only 5 minutes to inject the water sample, and the result is automatically shown after only 2 hours.


  • Due to its intuitive and simple use, the PANDa heavy metal water tester can be used by anyone. No need for any specific skills or expertise. No need to add any chemicals. The user is guided by clear step-by-step instructions on the touchscreen.

PANDa analyzer
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Klearia offers experience in designing and production of customized glass chips depending to your requirements.

Microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip chips can be used in many areas such as :

  • Biology

  • Chemistry 

  • Microfluidic chemistry 

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