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Unlock process innovation with our microfluidics solutions and devices

With more than 10 years of experience in numerous field such as water, cosmetics, energy, pharmaceutical and research, among others.
KLEARIA helps you develop disruptive technologies for your industrial or academic projects.

State-of-the-art technology

We help you to optimize your processes, reduce your environmental impact, and develop new solutions for your clients.


Thanks to our microfluidics foundry and our polyvalent team, we are able to customize your project from early-stage prototyping until the industrialisation steps.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and devices to help you achieve your goals and drive 


With Klearia as your partner, you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve sustainable growth and launch new innovative products with shorter lead times.

Recent events

Microtas 2023 and Cosmetic 360 were two successful events where we presented our microfludics solutions for water monitoring - PANDa and the cosmetic industry - PANDaCARE

Recent posts

Cosmetic360 banner
Klearia stand at Cosmetic 360, 2023
PANDaCARE is a Klearia device for the cosmetic industry
MicroTAS banner
Klearia stand at MicroTAS 2023
PANDA is a water analyser
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Tailored R&D and innovation services and devices

Custom made devices for your industrial scale up

Design and development of microfluidics-based prototypes

Training and assistance with applications

Our team can provide you with:

Schema of service process that Klearia can provide : Concept (design thinking), brief (Feasbility Study), Instrumentation (Training and Co-development), Prototyping (Technical documentation), Patente registration (Scale-Up), Products/Services


Enhance water quality assessment and monitoring processes with our advanced micfluidics technology.

Develop innovative formulas and galenics,

implement new eco friendly processes, Reduce your costs and lead times.

Harness the power of microfluidics for enhanced energy production, purification, and analysis in various energy sectors.

Optimize drug formulation, vectorization and delivery using our cutting-edge microfluidics systems.


​Benefit from our extensive scientific and technical experience (chemistry, electro and polymer chemistries, μfluidics and instrumentation). 

Water drop

What is Microfluidics?

It is both the science which studies the behavior of fluids through micro-channels, and the technology of manufacturing microminiaturized devices containing chambers and channels through which fluids flow.


When used as a sensor, miniaturisation coupled with automatisation enables to develop fast, in situ, autonomous.

This technology is particularly well-suited to replace remote laboratory analysis with on-site analysis, enabling real-time management of monitored processes.

When used as microreactors, this technology allows to develop micro and nano emulsions, multiple emulsions, encapsulation, screening, liquid-liquid extraction, among others.


Advantages of this technology are numerous, and include everything from improving stability, to optimizing material characteristics, to enhanced delivery of active ingredients.


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Solar Impulse banner "We are part of the efficient solutions to Protect the environnnement in a profitable way"
Solar Impulse label: Efficient solution
Logo Funded by European Union

Panda - Portable ANalyzer track for metals Detection - based on a unique patented microfluidics technology for the detection of trace metals in water from 1 µg/L validated on real matrices (bottled water, drinking water, process water, industrial waste).

The PANDa, with a sensitivity similar to laboratory techniques, allows you a rapid analysis, in less than 30 minutes.

​Thanks to automation, the PANDa can be used by anyone without any need for training and only requires very little maintenance.

Thanks to miniaturization and its design as an all-in-one cartridge, the PANDa has a very low consumption of chemicals (contained in the cartridge) and generates very little waste. This waste is stored in the cartridge and reprocessed by KLEARIA.

Puce microfluidique en verre

Microfluidic chips

Discover Klearia's microfluidic chips. Designed for a variety of scientific and industrial applications, our glass and PDMS chips offer high-quality and high-performance solutions.

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