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Frottis cosmétiques

Microfluidics Precision for Cosmetic Formulation

  • Develop new formulas and galenics

  • Protect/enhance active ingredients

  • Develop tailor-made micro/nano emulsions

  • Implement new processes to reduce your R&D costs and lead times

Cosmetic Innovative Galenics

Microfluidics is a disruptive technology that enables to manufacture tailor-made micro, nano and multiple emulsions for innovative galenics.


Our PANDaCARE allows you to  achieve precise control over emulsion formation.


A more environmental friendly process: Reduced energy and water use, produce less waste, use less raw materials.


Multiple emulsion sizes: With our disruptive technology, you can manufacture multiple size emulsions & innovative formulas.


Screening active molecules: High throughput screening (automated and rapid prototyping).


Innovative chemical reactions: Work with reaction conditions that enables you to explore new chemical options.


PANDaCARE, cosmetic device for industry

Our PANDaCARE is our latest cutting-edge instrument to bring innovation in cosmetics through micro, nano and multiple emulsions.


It allows you to achieve precise control over emulsion formation.


Through PANDaCARE and our support, from concept to product, we give you access to a versatile, powerful and state-of-the-art science and technology.

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