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Monitoring of micro-pollutants

Funded by

the European Union



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Panda - Portable ANalyzer track for metals Detection - based on a unique patented microfluidics technology for the detection of trace metals in water from 1 µg/L validated on real matrices (bottled water, drinking water, process water, industrial waste).

The PANDa, with a sensitivity similar to laboratory techniques, allows you a rapid analysis, in less than 30 minutes.

​Thanks to automation, the PANDa can be used by anyone without any need for training and only requires very little maintenance.

Thanks to miniaturization and its design as an all-in-one cartridge, the PANDa has a very low consumption of chemicals (contained in the cartridge) and generates very little waste. This waste is stored in the cartridge and reprocessed by KLEARIA.

Water analysis for micropollutants



Our Lab-on-chips technologies will allows you « to bring the lab to the sample ». Our portable technologies can achieve accurate and efficient analysis of heavy metal contaminants in water.



PANDa - On line Analyzer track for metals Detection - unique patented microfluidics technology for the detection of trace metals in water from 1µg/L validated on real matrices (bottled water, drinking water, process water, industrial waste).


Coming soon...

Bromates, hydrogen sulfides, pesticides and drug residues coming soon...

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Accuracy similar to laboratory results

Our automatic water analyzer offers accuracy similar to laboratory results thanks to the use of advanced detection and measurement technologies. High-precision sensors and data processing algorithms enable the reproduction of the reliability and precision of laboratory analyses, thus ensuring robust and comparable results.

No Training Required, Low Maintenance

No training required, low maintenance (autonomous for several months) due to the intuitive design and robust construction of the system. The user-friendly interface allows operators to easily manage the analyzer without specialized knowledge, and the durable components ensure long-term operation with minimal intervention.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is achieved through the implementation on the industrial line, enabled by the miniaturization and automation of the process. This allows for continuous, on-site analysis without the need for manual sampling, ensuring immediate and accurate detection of any changes in water quality.

Cost-Effective Design with Low Initial Investment

Low investment is achieved through the cost-effective design and efficient production of the system. The initial setup and operating costs are minimized, making it accessible for a wide range of budgets. Additionally, the low maintenance requirements and long-term reliability contribute to reduced overall expenses, providing excellent value for money.

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Remote control and on-site measurements are made possible

Remote Control and/or On-Site Measurements

Remote control and on-site measurements are made possible through advanced connectivity and robust sensor integration. This allows operators to manage and monitor the system from any location, ensuring accurate and timely data collection directly from the source. The combination of these features enhances operational efficiency and ensures reliable, real-time information for better decision-making.

smart monitoring at global size for environment solution

Global Solutions with Local Expertise

Our focus on monitoring micro-pollutants enables us to address global challenges such as climate change, water quality, and emerging pollutants. Using advanced technologies and innovative solutions, we work on these critical issues to ensure a healthier environment. Though we are based in the South of France, our efforts have a worldwide impact, helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

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Deux ondulations

Water analysis for micropollutants

Funded by

the European Union

  • Faster: get results in a few minutes

  • Cheaper: less than 5 euros per analysis

  • More sensitive: less than 5 ppb

Advanced Water Solutions

Empowering progress through innovative microfluidics technology, enabling safe drinking water, sustainable water reuse, and water quality assurance.


Drinking water: Safeguard drinking water. Measuring water quality is a human health and environmental engagement.


Process water: Increase your yields and reduce your non compliance (avoid batch destruction)


Reuse water: Improve water treatment efficency, reduce costs and advance sustainable water management practices


Waste water: Our solutions allow you to improve the achievement of your environmental objectives & increase the yields of your processes.

Portable analyzer for monitoring trace heavy metals in water.

Closed Panda (water device analyser)
Closed Panda (water device analyser)
Panda Logo (water device analyser)


Selectivity, repeatability, and sensitivity:


(+/- 1ppb or 15% depending on the range)


Manage your activity in real-time:

30 minutes for a decision to act

2 hours for accuracy down to µg/L


Remote controllable


Analysis scheduling


User-friendly interface


Zero residual chemicals


Controlled OPEX: Billing based on consumed analysis, low maintenance


Low CAPEX investment


An all-in-one, ready-to-use, 100% automated equipment.

Analyses everywhere, for everyone.

Our new generation of micropollutant water analyzers allows for simple, rapid, and autonomous monitoring.

Our solutions enable you to improve your environmental objectives and increase your process efficiency.

The PANDa - Portable ANalyzer for trace metals Detection - is based on an exclusive and patented microfluidic technology, allowing for the detection of trace metals in water from 1µg/L, validated on real matrices (bottled water, drinking water, process water, industrial discharges).

The PANDa, with sensitivity comparable to laboratory techniques, provides rapid analysis in less than 30 minutes.

Thanks to automation, the PANDa can be used by anyone with no need of training and requires very little maintenance.

Due to its miniaturization and all-in-one cartridge design, the PANDa has minimal chemical consumption (contained within the cartridge) and generates very little waste. This waste is stored in the cartridge and processed by KLEARIA.

Our Testimonials

Olivier BETTON

Olivier Betton profil photo

Quality Water Manager,

Water Authority of Azur

Oct. 2019

Logo "Eau cote d'azur"

Will the PANDa make your daily life easier?

To what extent?

"The use of PANDa will simplify and also reduce the time, as on-site measurements are almost instantaneous, around 1 hour, whereas with laboratory analysis results, you sometimes have to wait for several days, usually between 2 and 5 days."

What is the main advantage of the PANDa analyzer for you?

"What is particularly interesting for us with PANDa is the responsiveness we will achieve by accessing real-time results."

Are there any other factors you appreciate with the PANDa analyzer?

"By using PANDa, once we reach a certain threshold, we will decide whether or not to replace our filters. This way, we can achieve significant cost savings."


News about PANDa

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