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How is your process eco-friendly?

Industrial emulsification equipment consumes a lot of energy (case of HHP), emulsification on a microfluidic reactor requires very little energy.

The amount of water needed to clean the tanks is also reduced; Klearia's equipment has an eco-design approach in order to be more respectful of water resources and the environment in general.

How does your equipment generate new galenics?

The possibility of producing one drop at the time will make it possible to meet different technical needs and therefore, create innovative galenics.

Reducing the size of the droplets will make it possible to overcome technical obstacles known to formulators:

- Solubility

- Bioavailability

- Vectorization

- Protection of technical active ingredients

- Optimization of the encapsulation rate

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What is the difference between KLEARIA micro emulsion and other micro emulsion equipments?

The most commun equipments used to create micro emulsions, apply a mechanical shear force which generates all the droplets at the same time.

There is no control over the size of the droplets formed and the quality of the emulsion depends on the formula and the stirring speed.


With Klearia's equipment, the formation of droplets will depend on the type of microreactor design. Each microreactor is developed by our teams based on our specific needs.

Whatever the size of the drop generated, they will be mono dispersed. Enhance, there is a direct impact on the stability of the finished product.

Why is industrial scale-up easy?

Between the development stage of a formula in the laboratory and the manufacture of a few hundred Kg of formula, it is necessary to go through a progressive scale-up:  The pilot batch (between 5 to 20 kg). It allows to adjust certain parameters related to the equipment and the possible weighing errors at the R&D stage.

In order to guarantee compliance with the lab reference, this scale-up step is essential and can sometimes prove to be critical. From that moment on, the industrialization department is present with the formulators to carry out the trial. This step makes it possible to adjust the formula or the process if necessary.


Scaling up KLEARIA's equipment works by “cloning” the microreactor used to develop the formula in the R&D lab. The emulsification equipment is therefore the same. What changes is the number of reactors needed to reach the target production quantity.

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