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Klearia's Innovative Impact at Cosmetic 360

Enhancement in Cosmetics

In a groundbreaking showcase at the Cosmetic 360 trade show in Paris, Klearia demonstrated its pioneering microfluidics technology designed to elevate the cosmetic industry's sensorial experience. The event, held at the Carrousel du Louvre on October 16-17, 2024, provided a unique opportunity to unveil our cutting-edge solutions aimed at delivering precise control over emulsion formation for tailored sensory enhancements.

PANDaCARE: Revolutionizing Cosmetics through Micro and Nano Emulsions

Klearia, with over a decade of expertise in microfluidics, showcased PANDaCARE, its latest state-of-the-art instrument poised to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. PANDaCARE empowers cosmetic formulators with the ability to create "à la carte" emulsions, offering tailor-made droplet sizes, including nano and micro emulsions. The key benefits of these emulsions span improved bioavailability, optimized vectorization, and enhanced sensoriality.

The innovation extends beyond formulation advantages, as PANDaCARE promotes an eco-friendly process, easy scalability, no minimum order requirements, and reduced R&D costs and lead times.

Cosmetic 360: An International Platform for Innovation

Cosmetic 360, renowned as the international innovation hub for the perfume and cosmetics industry, brought together 250 exhibitors, 25 countries, 12 delegations, and 8 pavilions for its 9th edition. This year's theme, centered around CLEANTECH (clean technologies), aligns with Klearia's commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

The showcased microfluidic technology by Klearia resonates with the CLEANTECH, offering a breakthrough in cosmetic formulations through the creation of eco-conceived brands, biodiversity preservation, carbon neutrality, water efficiency, and recyclable.

Klearia's participation at Cosmetic 360 signifies a stride toward a more sustainable and innovative future for the cosmetics industry. Our microfluidic solutions, presented at this influential event, underscore our dedication to advancing laboratory technologies and enhancing the sensorial dimensions of cosmetic products.

As Klearia looks forward to commercializing its groundbreaking technologies showcased at Cosmetic 360, we express gratitude for the collaborative spirit and valuable interactions that took place during the event. Stay tuned for the transformative journey of PANDaCARE as we continue to push the boundaries of microfluidics in the cosmetics industry.



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