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Klearia Introduces PANDeNO: A Breakthrough in Microfluidics with a Touch of Riviera Elegance

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Klearia, a leading name in microfluidic solutions, has unveiled PANDeNO, a groundbreaking device designed to revolutionize the accessibility and adaptability of microfluidics. Guillaume Laffite, Head of Innovation at Klearia, likens microfluidics to what microelectronics is to analog automation, emphasizing its potential impact on laboratory analysis and production.

At the heart of this innovation is Klearia's expertise, recognized by the European Innovation Council (EIC) as an EIC Accelerator laureate. The company's journey led to the development of PANDeNO, a user-friendly platform for managing microfluidic devices. This tool simplifies the complexities of microfluidics, making it accessible to researchers and industry professionals across various domains.

Marcela Laparra, International Sales Manager at Klearia, highlights the platform's inclusivity, designed to be "idiot-friendly" for users with varying levels of scientific background. PANDeNO is envisioned as the brains and heart orchestrating microfluidic installations, providing standardized functions to control fluid flow, pressure, and valve operations.

One of the primary challenges for Klearia was to standardize essential functions and consolidate control features into a single platform. PANDeNO achieves this by serving as a versatile hub that seamlessly interfaces with a range of equipment used by Klearia's clients.

The second challenge involved producing PANDeNO in France, aligning with the company's commitment to local manufacturing, maintenance considerations, and long-term reparability. This led to collaboration with businesses primarily located in the Nice region.

To add a touch of regional identity and simplicity, Klearia chose the iconic Nice pebble as the design inspiration for PANDeNO. Ulysse Allain, Industrial Designer at Tohtem, explains the integration of electronic components, Wifi antennas, and pumps into the asymmetrical, elegant form of the pebble.

3 ECO Concept, based in Sophia-Antipolis, contributed uniquely shaped electronic boards integrated into the designed shell, using 3D printing for small-scale production. Marcela Laparra emphasizes PANDeNO's user-friendly design, with all connectors facing the user, providing a compact solution for implementing microfluidic solutions.

Guillaume Laffite hints at ongoing studies to enhance PANDeNO, introducing new functions to make microfluidics more intuitive. The design, inspired by the Nice pebble, is becoming a signature for Klearia's innovative solutions.

In summary, PANDeNO, is a microfluidic device with pumps and flowsensors, stands as a testament to Klearia's dedication to advancing microfluidic technology, delivering simplicity, elegance, and efficiency in one revolutionary package.



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