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Klearia supported by ADEME for its commitment to ecological transition

In the urgent battle against climate change, it is paramount to take swift and impactful action. ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, is at the forefront of this movement, offering guidance, mobilization, and support to diverse stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, regions, and researchers, with the overarching goal of accelerating the ecological transition.

ADEME adopts a comprehensive approach that encompasses expert advice, financial support, territorial labeling, publication of informative guides, and the provision of training opportunities. Their vision extends to the very core of communities, recognizing the pivotal role that local regions play in driving the ecological transition.

One of ADEME's notable initiatives is the "Territoire engagé pour la transition écologique" program, consisting of two labels: "Climat-Énergie-Air" (formerly Cit’ergie) and "Économie circulaire." This program assists municipalities and intermunicipal public cooperation establishments (EPCI) in steering their actions related to renewable energies, sustainable mobility, responsible consumption, and energy efficiency in buildings. The program follows a structured process, beginning with a pre-diagnostic phase, leading to concrete actions, and ultimately, to territorial labeling.

Through their commitment to the ecological transition, more than 321 communities are engaged in the "Territoire engagé pour la transition écologique" program. Notable achievements include achieving over 100% renewable energy purchasing in Vire-Normandie and the Seine-Eure Community of Agglomeration, as well as dedicating 90% of road infrastructure to bicycle lanes in Lorient.

ADEME extends its support to businesses, irrespective of size, in their endeavors to save resources, energy, and transition to production methods founded on the principles of the circular economy. This support is provided under conditions of technical, economic, and social feasibility.

To date, ADEME has supported over 15,000 businesses since 2014, with 2.3 billion euros in future investment contracts with these enterprises. Additionally, 200 million euros have been allocated to the "decarbonization of industry" aspect of the France Relance plan.

ADEME underscores the significance of investing in ecological transition as a means to optimize short-term operations and ensure the long-term sustainability of businesses.

In addition to working with businesses, ADEME recognizes the pivotal role of individual action in ecological transition. They facilitate the transition of the population by encouraging changes in behavior, raising awareness, and providing guidance in various aspects of daily life. This includes issues related to energy-efficient renovation, the selection of green energy, and responsible digital habits. Practical guides, directories of relevant stakeholders, partnership events, and support for citizen-led projects are some of the tools that ADEME makes available to individuals.

As Klearia deepens its commitment to ecological transition and a greener world, our collaboration with ADEME stands as a testament to our shared dedication to sustainability and innovation. This partnership reinforces our mission to revolutionize laboratory technology and promote environmentally responsible practices.

We're working towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future, where innovation and ecological responsibility.


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