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Microfluidics, a forthcoming revolution in industrial analysis

The world of industrial analysis witnessed a momentous event on the 16th and 17th of September at the Espace Grande Arche in Paris. Hosting over 40 exhibitors and drawing in 1400 visitors, the industrial analysis trade show presented a dynamic platform for showcasing the latest in industrial analysis activities.

This event, titled the "Salon des solutions en analyse industrielle et instrumentation de process," marked its 33rd edition. It has long been recognized as an essential rendezvous for professionals in the fields of analysis and industrial processes.

The Salon Analyse Industrielle, known for fostering business development and project catalysis, brings together startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (TPE/PME), intermediate-sized companies (ETI), and large industrial corporations. All these entities meet with the 90 exhibiting companies to explore cutting-edge technical and technological innovations.

The event is rich in scientific and technical content, with conferences, practical cases, and valuable insights from experts, industry practitioners, and end-users, making it a hub of knowledge sharing. Roundtable discussions and expert workshops provide an in-depth understanding of future challenges and the latest developments in the industrial analysis and processes sector.

This year's edition also placed a special focus on safety and functional equipment. It highlighted efficient, optimized, and predictive industrial processes designed to prevent risks and enhance safety measures.

Klearia, made a significant presence at this event. Our commitment to revolutionize industrial analysis with microfluidics technology aligns perfectly with the spirit of innovation and excellence celebrated at the Salon Analyse Industrielle. We were delighted to interact with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and showcase our innovative contributions to the field.

The future of industrial analysis is evolving, and microfluidics is at the forefront of this transformative journey.



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