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Nano-Emulsion in Cosmetics: A Key Technology for the Future of Beauty with Klearia

Nano-emulsion is a technology that is gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry due to its ability to improve the effectiveness of beauty products. Klearia, a specialist in microfluidics, makes a significant contribution in this area by developing more environmentally friendly innovative methods.

Applications of Nano-Emulsion in Personal Care

Nano-emulsion plays a crucial role in personal care products. It allows for better vectorization of active ingredients, thus increasing their bioavailability and ability to penetrate the skin. This technology paves the way for rethought formulations, moving away from emollients, silicones, and touch powders, thus improving sensoriality. It also allows for the reduction of the quantity of perfumes or essential oils while maintaining an olfactory experience.

Impact on Makeup

In the field of makeup, nano-emulsion facilitates the integration of water-soluble active ingredients in anhydrous products and improves the spread of the product on the skin. This advancement is significant for developing more effective and pleasant-to-use makeup products.

Advances in Sunscreen Products

Sunscreen formulations also benefit from nano-emulsion. It improves spreadability, making their application easier and more uniform, and promises lighter formulas.

Alcohol-Free Perfumes: A New Era

In the field of alcohol-free perfumes, nano-emulsion brings significant and innovative changes. This technology increases the solubility of the perfume without the need for additional solubilizers. As a result, the final products are characterized by an ultra-fluid galenic, offering a new sensory experience to users.

Another important benefit of nano-emulsion is the reduction in the quantity of surfactants used. This reduction not only contributes to a more environmentally friendly formulation process but also promotes better skin tolerance. Indeed, it allows for the production of perfumes that are less irritating and less drying than those containing alcohol, a major advantage for users with sensitive skin. Thus, this technology presents itself as an ideal solution for people seeking soft and skin-friendly perfumes.

In summary, nano-emulsion transforms the approach to creating alcohol-free perfumes, bringing benefits both in terms of formulation and user experience and skin tolerance.

Innovation in Galenic Form

Nano-emulsion opens the door to new galenic forms. It allows the incorporation of active ingredients with inverse solubility while maintaining a transparent or translucent appearance, and offers the possibility to reduce the viscosity of emulsions for an improved user experience.

In conclusion, the integration of the new nano-emulsion process by Klearia constitutes a major step towards a more water-resource-conscious cosmetic industry. This technological advancement, much more than a simple improvement of existing products, opens new paths in terms of formulation and increases the effectiveness of beauty products, while minimizing their environmental impact. With its expertise in microfluidics, Klearia positions itself at the forefront of this evolution, promising sustainable innovations for the future of cosmetics.

KLEARIA is at your disposal to discuss your innovative cosmetic projects where microfluidics would allow for a different formulation approach.

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