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Microfluidics Research in multiple fields

Are you looking to optimize your research and applications by integrating microfluidics into your systems?


KLEARIA designed PANDeNO, a smart microfluidics hub to simplify your experiment set up.

Thanks to its strong expertise in microfluidics and its highly qualified foundry, we support you from the design to the manufacturing of microfluidics chips to be used with PANDeNO, allowing their innumerable advantages to be integrated into your systems.


With PANDeNO, you can match your microfluidic chips, your mechanical, electrical and optical fluidic interfaces as well as the control of the entire module.

Laboratoire scientifique


PANDeNO (microfluidic device)

PANDeNO, our new Smart Microfluidics Hub is designed to simplify your experiment set up.


The "galet" design underlines the French Riviera origine of our device and the zen feeling we want you to experience on your microfluidics journey.

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