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Klearia 2023: Growth and Innovation in the Field of Microfluidics and Cosmetics

This article explores the significant advancements of Klearia in 2023, highlighting the technological progress, strategic partnerships, and market opportunities that define the company's ongoing expansion in the fields of microfluidics and cosmetics.

The Rise of Klearia

In the landscape of microfluidics, Klearia stands out for its constant quest for innovation and practical application in various fields, including the environment and cosmetics. The company strives to reconcile technical expertise with ecological aspirations, thus addressing contemporary challenges. In 2023, Klearia not only solidified its presence in traditional sectors but also made notable breakthroughs in the rapidly expanding cosmetic industry.


Year's Achievements

A European Distinction

Recognized for its technological excellence and disruptive potential, Klearia was selected among the winners of the European Innovation Council Accelerator. This distinction provides not only international recognition but also financial support that will accelerate the commercialization of Klearia's R&D projects, aiming to push the boundaries of microfluidics from January 2023 onwards.

A Startup with a Positive Impact

The 2023 Impact Startup Mapping by France Digitale highlighted Klearia's sustainable and responsible approach, acknowledging the positive impact of its innovations on society and the environment. This confirms the company's ability to make significant advances while staying true to its ethical and ecological values.

Partnership with IMREDD

The partnership with the Mediterranean Institute for Risk, Environment, and Sustainable Development (IMREDD) has allowed Klearia to propose new designs and concepts for its microfluidic chips. This collaboration illustrates the importance of open innovation and synergy between research institutes and companies to foster technology transfer and innovation.


Sectoral and Scientific Events

Sectoral and Scientific Events

Klearia's involvement in the cosmetics field was highlighted at the Cosmetic 360 flair, where the company presented its custom emulsion solutions. This fair was an opportunity for Klearia to demonstrate how its technology can provide significant added value to cosmetic industry players, offering more personalized products tailored to consumer needs. This approach not only strengthened Klearia's position in the cosmetic market but also opened doors to new partnerships and market opportunities.

Presence at microTAS 2023

Klearia's active participation in microTAS 2023 reflects its commitment to engaging in global scientific dialogue. The event, which took place in Katowice, Poland, in October 2023, was an opportunity to present PANDeNO, our solution that facilitates the integration of microfluidics into diversified applications. This product is the result of an integrated approach combining precision mechanics, advanced electronics, and intuitive software, demonstrating Klearia's ability to produce innovations that meet user needs.

Contributions to the 3rd Conference on Fluids

Klearia also played an active role at the 3rd Conference on Fluids and Complexity, providing substantial contributions on advancements in microfluidics. At this event, which took place in Nice in December 2023, the company solidified its reputation as a technical and scientific reference, demonstrating the depth of its expertise and its contribution to the field's evolution.


PANDa: Water Quality Analyzer

PANDa Detection Capabilities

Throughout 2023, our research and development team continued to focus on enhancing our metal detection capabilities with PANDa. This initiative is part of our constant goal to market accurate and reliable solutions for water quality monitoring. By strengthening PANDa's detection, we aim to provide an even more effective tool for addressing current and future environmental challenges, while ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

PANDa is designed to measure the presence of several metals and compounds in water. It can detect zinc (Zn), arsenic (As), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), bromates (BrO3), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), making it useful for water quality control in various environmental and industrial contexts.

Outlook and Future Developments

Partnership with Suez for a Concrete Application of PANDa

The agreement signed with Suez in 2023 is a major milestone for Klearia, with the planned launch of a PANDa pilot in 2024. This pilot project is part of an approach to concretely apply our technologies and validate their effectiveness in real operational conditions.

Innovation Continue

Klearia continues to invest in research and development to enrich its offerings and improve user experience. Ongoing studies to enhance PANDeNO and the introduction of new features are key steps towards more efficient and accessible microfluidics and industrialization.

An extended offering to meet the needs in the cosmetic and perfume sector: nanoemulsions for manufacturing alcohol-free perfume, Pickering emulsions, high-throughput screening, and liquid-liquid extraction are projects currently underway.

Conclusion: An Upward Trajectory

2023 has been a period of significant growth for Klearia, marked by advances in the field of microfluidics and a successful foray into the cosmetic industry. Our partnerships, like those with IMREDD and Suez, as well as our active participation in leading conferences, underscore our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We are determined to maintain this momentum and continue our mission to provide advanced technological solutions that meet the current challenges of society and industry. We invite our community to follow our progress and discover the impacts of our research and products on our website.

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